Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bicycling at last!

I am trying to get better at making a weekly post on this site. Thankfully, it’s been a good weekend with lots of neat wildlife pictures.

Since I got back from Sitka we’ve been blessed with almost snow-free weather. Many of the smaller lakes are starting to thaw out, the sidewalks are no longer encased in ice, and I can ride my bike! So I have been bicycling everywhere (except on Egan Drive, where I got stopped by the police because apparently it’s off-limits to second-class citizens such as pedestrians and cyclists).

I even got to do some good birdwatching, and found the following animals:

A huge flock of rusty blackbirds Euphagus carolinus:

Some song sparrows Melospiza melodia:

A female wood duck Aix sponsa:

Two dunlins Calidris alpina:

And a river otter Lutra canadensis:

I also saw the northern lights, heard singing varied thrushes, saw American robins, various diving and dabbling ducks, all thanks to being free to come and go in the outdoors on my bicycle.

I also got to meet some neat people around the university, and talk to Diane Benson, another challenger to Don Young. After having looked over a little bit more information, I don’t endorse everything she advocates. Also, her campaign platform seems really lightweight for a national office. However, if she gets the nomination I’d still vote for her before letting Don Young go on in office. Of course, I’d vote for Mickey Mouse before letting Don Young keep his office.

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