Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mines in Prince William Sound

There are a bunch of interesting mines in Prince William Sound. They're fun to explore, although sometimes made even more interesting by rotten timbers and caved-in roofs.

Oh, and they're always more or less flooded:

This is a cool stamp mill:

There are also little ore carts abandoned all over the place:

An old boiler:

Another ore cart:

Sometimes it's just downright sketchy - and fun!!!


Walking around in Prince William Sound

Here are some pictures of hiking during last summer's kayaking trip in Prince William Sound.

Kayaking pictures from Prince William Sound

This is fairly self-explanatory: here are some pictures of kayaking in Prince William Sound last summer.

I actually climbed onto this iceberg and did a crazy-fast seal launch off it!

Sea lions are curious there too, but by and large they left us alone more than in Sitka.

Cool rocks!

We got salmon twice from fishing boats. Quite the feast!